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 投稿者:管理人 境山  投稿日:2013年 3月24日(日)21時31分21秒

>107. ABENDROTH, Hermann- SPc by E, Hoenisch Leipzig for ODEON records signed by the GREAT conductor "trapped" for the most part in East Germany after World War 11. He was a Mottl pupil and was associated mostly with Koln & Bonn till 1934 and also regularly conducted in the USSR & London. He succeeded Walter at the Leipzig Gewandhaus in 1934 when the Nazis came to power and officially joined the Nazi party in 1937. He taught in Leipzig as he had in Koln and conducted at Bayreuth in 1943 & 1944.After the war his past haunted him but he found a post in Weimar and then returned to Leipzig and toured the Soviet block. What is most important is the vast amount of recorded material he left behind to be judged by both studio and broadcast material. It is noted on the verso that this photo was signed in 1943. SCARCE.


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